Earthworm Jim Cheats & Codes

What The Heck

Pause the game, and press select, R, B, down, L, and B.

Snot A Problem

Pause the game, and press R, up, select, L, R, and left.

Down The Tubes

Pause the game. Then hit: Up, L, Down, A, R, A.


Pause the game, and press L, A, up, R, A, R, A, and select.

Level 5

Pause the game. Then hit: R, L, A, B(2), A, L, R.

For Pete's Sake

Pause the game. The hit: R, L, R, L, A, R.

Free Life

On the first level go were the grond turns into a pile of tires and you should be able to see another level of ground below you jump forward and high,hold on B so you can hover between the crack were the tires and ground meet. Go to your left and you should see a chain jump on it and go to the end of it there should be a plasma gun there and a free life.Then go back to the tires (just jump in) and continue as usual with one more life.

Level Select

Pause the game and press Right, R, B, A, L(2), A, R.

Earthworm Jim Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

For Pete's Sake

On the level called "For Pete's Sake" you have have to hit Pete with your whip to make him jump. Also look out for the octopus arms.

Free Continue

On Andy's Astriods get 50 or more clear bubles to get a free continue at the end of the race. (You don't hafta win.)

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