Einhander Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Police Cruiser

To earn the police cruiser, you need to collect at least 15 secret bonus points and complete the whole game on any difficulty level.

Selene Fighter

Beat the game on the hard difficulty level without using any continues. After the ending credits, save the game to a memory card, then start a new game. Now at the fighter selection screen, cycle through the ships, and there will be a Unknown Fighter Type II called the Selene. This new ship can carry 9999 rounds of ammo for any weapon in the game.

Extra Fighters

Unlock fifteen or more secrets and beat the game on any difficulty level to fly in one of the small Earth fighters. Beat the game on the hard difficulty level without continuing more than two times to fly in one of the Moon fighters from the final level.

Extra Option

Beat the game with a high ranking to access a "Gallery" option from the main menu. Select it to view various graphics depicting the ships, weapons, and battles in the game.

Start With Gunpods

Begin a game and reach a point where various gunpods have already been obtained. Then, intentionally lose the game and use all remaining lives. Allow the timer to reach zero on the continue screen. Allow the title screen to reappear and select "Game Start". Now select a ship and equip it as desired with the gunpods that are now available. The selected gunpods will also reappear automatically as a standard weapon after a life is lost during the next game.