Elite Beat Agents Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Secret Song

At the end of training mode, you play a secret training song. It gives the game its 20th song.

Find Jumpin' Jack Flash!

If you finished without a fight, you go to Jumpin'Jack flash. Then you lose and don't continue. Then you say, "It's gone!" WRONG! Hit the ship in the corner and there's Jumpin' Jack Flash!

Easy Way To Beat Difficult Songs

Unfortunately there is no cheat for this, but i found that if you play a song until you fail, then watch the replay, this will help you see where you screwed up and you can see when to hit the notes easier. Not to mention this is a good way to memorize verse patterns.

Elite Beat Agents Unlockables & Awards

Hard Rock Mode

Beat "Jumpin' Jack Flash" on Sweatin' Mode to unlock Hard Rock difficulty and Elite Beat Divas. These can be used in single player or multi player settings.

Unlock Commander Kahn

Beat "Jumpin' Jack Flash" on Hard Rock Mode to unlock Commander Kahn as a playable character. To use Commander Kahn, play hard rock mode and hit the "go" button with his face on it. Kahn then takes the place of Elite Beat Diva Missy. This is extremely funny to watch as the Commander dances just like the divas.

Sweatin' Mode

Beat "Jumpin' Jack Flash" on Cruisin' Mode to unlock Sweatin' difficulty and BA-1 "Chieftain". These can be used in single player or multiplayer settings.