Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom Cheats & Codes


When playing time, press Ctrl, Alt and C. Then type "Delian Treasury" got get 5000 cash.

Mucho Goods

When playing press Ctrl, Alt, and C. Then type Gimme Goods. Select the goods you would like.

Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easy Money

To get some decent money, open up a trade route with a place that exports jade. It may be pricey in the beginning, but add 3-4 jade carvers. Open another trade route with a town that buys carved jade. It's quite a good revenue. You buy jade for about 80-90 gold and carved sells for 220- 250. (mostly 220-230). Its good for nations who need to improve their cash flow in a hurry.

Build Military

Build at least 10 elite housings and give them the commodities to improve to "impressive compound." Then you will be able to build more military forts. NOTE-**The maximum amount of forts that can be built is 12**


When building homes (of any type) do not place homes directly together. Put Aesthetics in between the houses. The best thimg and the easist to put in between are gardens. If you put the houses directly together otherwise when one house gets on fire it will spread to the other houses.