Escape From Monkey Island Cheats & Codes

Monkey Kombat Moves

Hold R2 during Monkey Kombat to display the moves that can be used.

Monkey Invaders Mini-game

Successfully complete all Monkey Kombat moves in the moves table (press R2) for each Monkey Stance to unlock the Monkey Invaders mini-game.

Murrayball Mini-game

Go to the Palace Of Prostheses, use the filing system, and enter "Monkey-Pumpkin- Bunny" as a code to get the Ryan J. Danzwithwolves file. Look at the file, pause the game, then select the "Bonus Stuff" option to access Murrayball. Note: This must be done before looking for the No-Nosed Man.

Escape From Monkey Island Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


When on lucar island go to prothesses shop, talk to dave ask for free prothesses and get the head, foot, heart, guts, liver, bum, stomuch, then put it together on items page you have Frankenstein.

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