ESPN NBA 2K5 Cheats & Codes

All 24/7 Gear

When you go into 24/7 mode make your guys first name RAY and his last name GRAHAM and you will unlock all the gear make all letters upper case.

ESPN NBA 2K5 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Ultimate Player

Make the Ultimate player easily! First, go to the options mnu. At the bottom, you will see 'manage roster'. Go there and press X. Go to Create player. Create your player's bio [NOTE: You can press R1 and L1 to change what your working on]. Then his accessories, appearence, and shoes. After that, you will press R1 and got to Attributes and make them all full by pressing right on the D-Pad.

Best Way To Win Game 1 On 1

First you are going to want to build your players layup or dunk up to at least 65-70. Then when you start a one on one game when you get the ball, turbo 180 degree to the right and then layup or dunk and you will most likely make the shot. Keep doing that until you win the game. The rival will not be able to turbo run on a 1 on 1 game, also have a player with a lot of speed.

Free Throw Distraction

When playing a 2 player game, when someone is shooting free throws, press the R2 button to make the other player is trying to shoot. It will vibrate the controller so it distracts the shooter. Try it.


Whenever you need that big block or that big turnover last in the game there is a new way to do it then fouling your opponet. What you can do is hit the square button so your player will go up to make a block. Most of the time the computer opponet will srive to the lane. Then you just have to have someone there to make the block when the slam it down.

Ultimate Team

First, create a player. Then, make different chareters 11-14 more times. Then when you're done, go to 'create team'. Add all of those players to the created team or to a real NBA team.

Unlock Best Shooter In The Game!

To unlock the best shooter in the game (other than created player) you must play Larry Bird in a 1 on 1 in Street mode. Then you will have to be him to 21 and then you have unlocked the best shooter in the game(his close 100, his medium 100, his 3pt 100)!

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