ESPN Winter X Games: Snowboarding Cheats & Codes

Open All Boards

At main menu press X, Circle, X, X, up, down, left, right and that should do it

Get Another Arcade Mode

Using arcade mode get all 36 licenses and go to the stage select screen and press Circle.

Get Big Heads

Use arcade mode to get 30 licenses and go to the character select screen and press Square + X.

ESPN Winter X Games: Snowboarding Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

2 Shortcuts For Blackout

Here are 2 short cuts for the black out level. When you start follow the normal path. When you get to a jump then go left. After you go off another jump you will approach another one. Go off it a little left off the center. You should land on a thin metal ladder. Follow the path to the end. If you miss that 1 it is ok you still have a chance of beating your opponent. When you miss it you will approach a cave. To the right there is another ladder. Go on it and it will take you to another path. Follow it to the end!!!

Eaiser Money

Go to the lounge and tell the guy I want to do filming then pick cliff jump films then you will start. Then find a big ramp and do a 900 mute. Then you will get about 1500G instead of getting about 250G.

Get Sponsored

In snowboarder mode get a green lift pass and beat one competition rank C and one competition rank B keep. When you return to the centerhouse a guy will walk up to you and ask if you want to be sponsored. To get sponsored for all your gear keep beating more competitions.

Superpipe Competition Tips

To beat superpipe in snowboarder mode you will have to do a variety of tricks and not try to do the same trick more than 2 or 3 times. Wet cats give you the most points, and try to hold on to a grab as long as possible.

Get Bob Burnquist's Board

Go to the mansion and look on top of the car.

Get Rick's Board

Go to the mansion 3rd floor and go up the slope and grind the dinosaur.

Hard Mode

Get all 36 licenses in arcade mode under normal mode, then press CIRCLE at the stage selection screen.

Night Courses

Succefully complete all four minute events in X Games mode (Snowborder X, Superpipe, Big Air, and Slope style), to unlock Big Air and Superpipe at night.


Back Flip: Press down
Front Flip: Press up
Indy Grab: Press CIRCLE
McTwist: Press DOWN, LEFT
Mute Grab: Press R-1, then CIRCLE
Method: Press R-1, then TRIANGLE
Rodeo: Press DOWN, RIGHT
Tail Grab: Press X then SQUARE.

Bonus Courses

Win a gold medal in all X Games competitions to unlock the Deep Freeze Mountain, Grind Or Die, Halfpipe Winter Style, and four more Slopestyle Events.