ESPN X Games: Skateboarding Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Daytona: Get First Place

Go to Vert, select any character (Bob recommended), and choose Daytona. To Ollie Grind, Press A, B. Repeat the Ollie Grind.

Unlock Rollie Mcnulty

You can purchase him at the skateboard shop.

Unlock Kaiell Williams

You can purchase her at the skateboard shop.

Soar Sky High

Choose "Vert", then pick "X-Rage". Pick any skater, then select your skating location. You will have 60 seconds to rack up points. When you get points, the meter bar at the bottom of the screen rises. When it is full, an orb will appear on the ramp. Once you get it, go up the ramp and you will go sky high. While you are in the sky you can do as many tricks as you want. After your skater comes back down, you will have extra points.

Super Combo/X-Rage

This is the quickest and most effective way to gain EXP. Stay to the right of the pipe repeating christ air 6 to 7 times without falling. Then look at the bottom of the pipe you will see a Dragon Ball. Skate over it and shoot up in the sky. Keep doing tricks as much as possable you will come down try and skate over as many balls as possable they are EXP. balls.

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