ESPNU College Town Cheats & Codes

Promo Code

Click on the tab that says promo at the top of the game screen and type sL868164 to receive the Bryant-Denny Alabama Football Stadium in your gift box.

Bed And Breakfast



Enter "Gameday" to get places college gameday tent in your gift box.

Promo Codes

On the tabs above click on the promo tab and type 7E1UeRZh to recieve 10000 dollars.

Promo Codes

Gameday for College GameDay Studio
7E1UeRZh for 10, 000 Coins
sL868164 for  Bryant-Denny Alabama Stadium
86R3c1B3 for UNC’s Old Well 
cr1ocmeb for Bed & Breakfast (NEW)
pl4lassv for Circle Fountain (NEW)
esjLJ2iu for Field Level 5 (NEW)
myr9czto for Bbq Stand (NEW)
XMGH8KL5 for ESPN Gameday Tent 2 (NEW)
k35hEUc1 for Football Statue (NEW)
sportsnation for Sports Nation Pool (NEW)
espnarcade for Espn Arcade
carniball for ESPN Carniball
JimmyV for JimmyV statue
arcadehoops for ESPN Arcade Hoops
XGamesVert for XGames Vert Ramp
winterxpipe for Winter X Games Half Pipe
winterxcourse for Winter XGames Snowmobile SnoCross 
SigningDay for Football Player Card
espnradio ( NEW) for ESPN Radio Tower
statefarm ( NEW) for Statefarm Set
colin ( NEW) for Colin Cowherd Statue
michelle ( NEW) for Michelle Beadle Statue
tournamentchallenge (New) for ESPN Tournamet Challenge Arena.