Eve of Extinction Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Survival Mode

Play level 1 and go through the subway when you need to get both Legacy Drives for the Lightning Rod. When you get out on the other side, go into the alley that has the fence with a junkyard on the other side. Walk up to the fence. Press Triangle when equipped with the Lightning Rod and quickly change to your hands to grab on to the top of the fence. Jump over to the other side, then go to the wall that has the ladder on it. Climb up the ladder and get up to the top of the building. Once there, you will find a piece of paper hovering above the ground. Walk into that paper. A message stating that survival mode has been unlocked will appear. Save the game, then enter the bonus option at the main menu to access the new option.

3 Minute Battle Mode

Play the China-town level after getting the Katar. Climb up the Chinese house that has the huge flame on the porch. When you are up there, someone will surprise attack. Kill him and go to the opposite side of the part you climbed up to. Go to the back of the house, but stay on the balcony. Jump to the building on the far side (all the way down, as far as you can see) and look around for another piece of paper. Walk into it, and you will unlock the 3 minute battle mode option.

The Final Boss

Algla transforms into another monster. When he turns a color, change to the color of the weapon. It does the real damage to Agla.

Mini-games - Survival And Boss Battle

There are two mini-games in EOE. To get survival mode, on one of the rooftops in the first level, there is a little screen in between two boxes. To get boss battle, you need to beat the game once and get the twin blades. After you restore power to the main elevator in the Wisdom HQ, if you go to the library on the employee's side, your can access the door, and just jump across the third level and it's there.

Bonus Modes

Successfully complete the game on any difficult setting to unlock "Survival" and "3 Minute Attack" modes.

Twin Daggers

Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting, then save the game after the credits end. Load the saved game and when you start the game you will have the Twin Daggers, which is the best weapon in the game.