Evolution 2: Far Off Promise Cheats & Codes

Alternate Costumes (Japanese Version)

At the character selection screen, press X.

Evolution 2: Far Off Promise Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Secret Room

While you are in the crypt maze B15F (the last floor), just go forward. When you go to the room that is empty, you'll see a dead end but actully it's not. Press A near the wall then Mag will use his Cyframe and break the wall. Then just grab all the items you can get there are two enemies in two of the stones.

Bypass Dialogue

Before a move is made during a battle, press B.

Super Attack

When your character pulls back a weapon when attacking, hold A. Release A after the attack does damage.

Surprising Enemies

When you see an enemy make sure he doesn't spot you or you won't surprise him except for the statue. So anyway when you see an enemy make sure he doesn't spot you then touch him at his back for hard enemies sometimes it doesn't work for weak enemies you tounch him at his or his sides. But if he touch your back SOMETIMES he surprises you.