F.E.A.R. Cheats & Codes

Show player position

Enter pos as a code.


Enter poltergeist as a code.


Enter god as a code.

Full Ammo

Enter ammo as a code.

Full Armor

Enter armor as a code.

Full Health

Enter health as a code.

Get All Weapons

Enter guns as a code.

Get All Weapons, Full Ammo, Armor & Health

Enter kfa as a code.

Get All Weapons, Infinite Ammo

Enter tears as a code.

Increased Health And Boosted Reflexes

Enter gear as a code.

Get Pistol

Enter gimmegun pistol as a code.

Get Dual Pistols

Enter gimmegun dual pistols as a code.

Get Smg

Enter gimmegun submachinegun as a code.

Get Shotgun

Enter gimmegun shotgun as a code.

Get Assault Rifle

Enter gimmegun assault rifle as a code.

Get Semi-auto Rifle

Enter gimmegun semi-auto rifle as a code.

Get Nailgun

Enter gimmegun nail gun as a code.

Get Cannon

Enter gimmegun cannon as a code.

Get Plasma Railgun

Enter gimmegun plasma weapon as a code.

Get Missile Launcher

Enter gimmegun missile launcher as a code.

Get Frag Grenade

Enter gimmegun frag grenade as a code.

Get Trip Bomb

Enter gimmegun proximity as a code.

Get Pipe Bomb

Enter gimmegun remote charge as a code.

Get Turret

Enter gimmegun turret as a code.

Ghost Mode

Enter poltergeist as a code.

Next Level

Enter maphole as a code.

Show Build Version

Enter build as a code.

F.E.A.R. Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Creepy Bathroom

There is a bathroom somewhere in the game, that is very creepy. keep searching and don't rush through. When you get to the bathroom, look in the mirror. I will not give away the spoiler.

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