FaceBreaker Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easy Fighter Heads

In order to get Facebreaker head trophies, you must pull off your character's Facebreaker on your opponent and you will get their head. To do this easily, go into two player made and continually punch them till you can get your Facebreaker on them. Use it, and you will get your opponent's head.

FaceBreaker Unlockables & Awards

Unlockable Character And Arenas

To unlock Steve, Voodoo, Brick, Socks, and Tiki along with their repective arenas, simply beat them in Brawl For It All on any difficulty/character. Small note: after beating Tiki, you'll face an non-unlockable (as far as I know) character whose name I'll keep a secret, and if you manage to beat it, you'll only unlock the stage.