Family Guy Cheats & Codes

Unlock All Levels

While playing the game press Left, Circle, Triangle, R1, L1, Square.

Family Guy Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Evil Monkey

Go into Chris Griffins room when you play as Stewie in the house. When you get there, you will see Chris. When you see his closet, make stewie turn his back to it. You will see the evil monkey come out and then Chris will run in circles.

Helen Keller: Avoid Losing

On the Helen Keller level, do not move. If you touch her you will lose.

Finishing Moves With Peter

Knock someone over. While they are on the ground you can pick them up by pressing square, or you can stomp on them by pressing circle.

Family Guy Unlockables & Awards

Little Stewie's Toy Gun

Stewie's Arsenal
In order to upgrade to new ray gun options, you need to collect a certain amount of components.
The first option is the straight shot, and the second option is the special shot.
Hyper Plasma Ball Lvl 1/Plasma Artillery Lvl 2 Collect 300 components
Hyper Plasma Ball Lvl 2/Shock Wave Lvl 1 Collect 400 components
Plasma Ball Lvl 1/Spread Shot Lvl 2 Collect 100 components
Plasma Ball Lvl 2/Plasma Artillery Lvl 1 Collect 200 components
Ray Gun/Spread Shot Lvl 1 Collect 20 components
Rocket Launcher Lvl 1/Shock Wave Lvl 2 Collect 500 components
Rocket Launcher Lvl 2/ Heat Seekers Collect 700 components.

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