Family Guy Cheats & Codes

Never Die

At the menu that says press start press the following: R, X, O, Square(2), Triangle, L(2). Then play your level and you shouldn't be able to die!

Family Guy Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Fly Over Glass Wall

While playing as Stewie, when in Bertmans lair the part with the 4 purple ball shooting things, jump in the one on the left hand side in the second row then there will be one of those cages. Shoot the cage off, jump in the little space, then jump on the first glass wall and then just glide with the balloons over the next wall.

Health Boost

In Peter's levels, there are health packs and food in trees and cars. Trees your able to just punch and kick( Beware of various enemies that fall out such as kids, disabled cats, fridges, and safes). For cars you have to head butt to receive a super health pack.

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