Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Save Princess Faster

When on a game not just rescue the princess there is a tunnel on black forest (in enemy castle) near the dungeon break it open grab your princess or enemy bomb etc. Jump in and you'll be taken away.


Here are the shortcuts, and the best part is that the coms don't use them! (I know all the shortcuts in EVERY map, but that's a different story. )
1. Chapter one: check the map, see the wooden path? Take it. See the princess? Grab her. But first, feed the blue princess until max so the enemy is slower. Remember to use warrior. Most people use worker, but warrior is more powerful and has longer life. What could be better? He also has a shield. Cool! Now you can block attacks. Now, back to the cheat: Kill the archers, then grab the princess and take her to the end of the wooden bridge. See the mini tower? It should probably already be red. If not, stand there for a few minutes until it's red. Go into it. It should teleport you to the top of the castle. There's a shortcut in every map. They're very handy if an enemy is about to kill you. Place the princess on the throne. Then wait.
Chapter two: immediately grab the warrior hat once you spawn. Go outside. To the left. (the right has a shortcut, I'll tell you about it later. ) then go forward. Jump into the hole. Grab the first sage you see. Call on for help with the up button. Then check the map. Go forward. Away from the lava. Then go to the middle where the second sage is. Remove your friend from your group by using the down button. He will grab the sage. Now quickly, call on him again. Go forward. You should see the rock stairs. Go down quickly, or else die by the lava. The big rock is waiting for you. Go there. Now wait for the lava to go down again. Yes, I'm sure that your friends are capable of fighting for you. The lava has gone down. Go right until you see the stairs. Go up and into the castle. You and your friend will place the sages on their throne. The end.
Chapter three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and the remaining is on the next article.

How To Get The Princess Out On Rescue The Princess!

When you start pick "worker" then go cut some SHINY ROCKS go over to the thing by the blue teams castle NOT AN OUTPOST! Then throw the rock into it and it should turn red to your team!