FIFA 2001: Major League Soccer Cheats & Codes

Get Longer Kicks

Go to title screen and press X, X, O, Triangle, Square, and R1 twice for longer kicks.

Always Win The Game

To do this code first you must start a game after that wait 2 minutes then pause game then hold down L1 and L2 then keep holding them then push X, X, Circle.

EA All-star Team

At the team selection screen, highlight the Arsenal team, then hold Start and press Circle to play as the EA all-star team.

FIFA 2001: Major League Soccer Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Have As Many Codes As You Wish

When you are choosing sides for the game your playing, put your controller on the team your facing. Start the game as the other team. Now you can score on the team your now on. You can score how ever many points you want to have.

Stop Free Kicks

If your opponent is taking a free kick to block it (but make your guy fall over) Put a guy infront of the kick-taker and when he shoots press and hold square the your guy will be knocked-down, but will get up again and take the ball.

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