FIFA International Soccer '97 Cheats & Codes

Bonus Team

Begin a game with "AC Milan" as a team. Then, type "worldwide" during the game. When the game resumes, the "AC Milan" team will be replaced by the bonus team.

Cheat Codes

Set the system date to February 29, 1996. Change the year to 1997 so that the 
final date is February 29, 1997 to enable cheat mode. Select the team from 
Singapore. Then while playing a game, type one of the following codes to activate 
the corresponding cheat function:


Hidden players including Abbas Saad and Michael Vanake	long
Hidden players including Quah Kim Song and Dollah Kassimlao	chiao
Referee dressed in underwear			kayu
Opponent scores goal against own team		lth
Enables flying kicks to crowd			cantona