FIFA Soccer 07 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


If you have a bid team on manager mode like Barcelona. You can get Robben and put him in defense. His stats will be over a hundred!

Stadium Expansion+Fan Support=$$$

The bigger your stadium is, the more money you can receive from home games. However, to earn the maximum amount of money you can from your stadium's size, you also need for your fans to support you a lot. The higher, your fan support and the bigger your stadium, the more cash you will receive

Superstar Kalou

Kalou on the F.A. Premier League's Chelsea is a natural superstar. Within 5 years he gains experience that puts him close to a 99 overall. He is both young, and you can buy him for an overall cheap sum.

Double Stepover

Use the trick stick with Cristiano Ronaldo or Robinho to perform a double stepover (press right then rotate up and then down).

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