FIFA Soccer 08 Cheats & Codes

Cups And International Teams

While on the "game mode" screen, hold down triangle and press square, X, X, circle, triangle, triangle.

Talking Players

While on the main menu, enter: up, left, R, L, X, O, Triangle. This will get your players to talk during the game.

Challenge Mode Complete

While on the main menu, hold L and press square, circle, square, X, circle.

All Stadiums

Hold down square and press triangle, triangle, triangle, circle, circle, L.

Unlock Argentinian League

Hold down L and press square, circle, and triangle.

FIFA Soccer 08 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

More Money

If you would like to have more money in career mode you can do a few things: -Invest in better scouts, recruit players, put them on your club transfer list and sell them in Transfer Season -Buy free agents: better if they have a 75+ rating and are under 30 (age) no matter how high you have to make the salary and then put them on your club transfer list and sell them in transfer season. Both ways can give you some added cash to purchase better players/staff.

Deco, Scholes And Xavi Hint

They can shoot on around 30m and score a goal by just make a few power

Corner Kick

In the last minute when taking a corner, you can press R once for your goal keeper to be in the penalty box.

FIFA Soccer 08 Unlockables & Awards

Unlock Custom Challenge

To unlock the custom challenge, compete all the challenges in the challenge mode.

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