FIFA Soccer 10 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easy Budget

Start the manager mode. Choose your club. Edit your manager, name , age etc, and move forward. When the sponsor list comes choose that sponsor whose tournament fund & extra fund adds up the largest. Now go to office , click sponsors details, & click back. Now move to board's expectations then again click back. Start the match , after the match, when your the total expenditure and incomes appears you will get that total of tournament fund and extra fund. You can get as much as money so long you repeat these steps. I made it up but trust me it really works.

How To Score From Almost Half Line

Go to edit player pick any team then pick the player you want go to there attributes and long shots and raise it to 99 and if you want you can raise everything else except gk stuff and reactions, aggression and those other bad stuff and you will have the best player.

Fake Shot

While having the ball, quickly press O+X.

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