FIFA Soccer 10 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Score Every Time In A Free Kick

First, you can only use this in normal gameplay while using one player. Next get a free kick. It can be anywhere one the field in the oppositions half. Now it can be a poor, fair, good or great shot. No matter what it is you will score. When the ball is in mid - air keep your wii remote completely still (or it wiil not work). When you normally defend a free kick you shake to save. For some random reason you get to control the oppositions goalkeeper as well as yours.

Ultimate Team

Firstly you will need to know who will play in your team. My favorite team is Newcastle (coca - cola championship). So I would go to options, squad management. On the left hand side is your favorite team. Now on the right hand side you need to go to the team that has the players that you want in your team. For example frank lampard, Chelsea. Then I would click transfer. If it comes up with - you cannot have more than 30 players- click on a really bad player from your team that you do not want anymore and it will say swap click that. Keep doing this to have the ultimate team.

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