FIFA Soccer '99 Cheats & Codes

Gameshark Codes

European and Australian (PAL) versions
Team on the right of score board has 10 goals:
800375C3 000A 

Team on the left of score board has 10 goals:
800375C7 000A 

Team on the right of score board has 0 goals:
800375C3 0000 

Team on the left of score board has 0 goals: 
800375C7 0000 

FIFA Soccer '99 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

No Goalie

Press Start to pause a match against the CPU, select the controllers option and gain control of the opposing team. Wait until your original team gains possession of the ball, then hold R to have the original CPU goalie run after the ball. Keep R held and press Start. Use the controllers option to gain control of your original team. The CPU goalie will not return to the goal area, allowing easy scoring. Note: This trick must be repeated after halftime.

Easy Goals

To get easy goals, go clear and press up C just as the goalkeeper is about to start going down, if you do it right, you should jumpo stright over him and the ball should land in the back of the net.

Booing Crowd

Repeatedly press B during the intermission sequence after the opposing team scores a goal.

Big Players

Select Canada as a team and enter the player edit screen. Enter "Joe" as the first player's name. Start a friendly game to get large players with alternate colors.

Finding Ronaldo

Ronaldo may be found in the game as A. Calcio on the Inter Milan and Brazilian National team.

Atlanta Attack Team

Win the Champions Cup with Brazil on the professional difficulty level.

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