FIFA Soccer '99 Cheats & Codes

Getting Spice Girls Team

Type "iwantmorefun" in the video before the main menu appears (you have about5 seconds.)

Winter Introduction

Repeatedly type "win" while the game loads.

FIFA Soccer '99 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Bad Tackle Without Getting A Card

If you already playing in Season, go take a look are you playing in your home stadiums or you playing on the other team stadium, after you know that you playing in you home stadium, go back to the season standing screen, and go to options, and click on the CD, and change the referre strickness to the defined, and moved the cursor below the defined word to the left(if you playing on the home stadium), and moved the cursor to the rigth (if you playing on the other team home stadium).

Finding Ronaldo

Ronaldo may be found in the game as A. Calcio on the Inter Milan and Brazilian National team.

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