Fight Night: Round 2 Cheats & Codes

Play As Lil Mac From Super Knockout Game

Create a new boxer with MACMAN as the first name and you'll unlock Lil Mac as a boxer.

Play As Rapper Fabolous

To play as rapper Fabolous, go to the create a player screen and put in GETFAB for the created players first name. Fabolous will now be unlocked as a boxer.

Fight Night: Round 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easy Win

When fighting in career mode or in a play now or hard hits match, make sure your boxer has good speed, power, and stamina. When the match starts, only use haymakers as an attack. Eventually, your haymakers will get more powerful and tire your opponent down to create quick and easy knockdowns leading to an easy knockout.

Mini Boxers

After you pick your fighters and finish training, at the arena screen, hold the control stick up until you hear a bell. Doing this will make your boxers about half the size the would regularly be.

All Arenas

Go the game modes and hold the control stick left until you hear a bell. You'll have unlocked all the fighting arenas.

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