Fight Night: Round 2 Cheats & Codes

Unlocking All Venues

When you're in the "Game Mode" screen, use the D-Pad and tap it LEFT sixteen times to unlock all the boxing venues. You'll hear a bell sound when you've reached 16 times.

Miniature Fighters

To start the fight with miniature (tiny) fighters, hold UP on the d-pad when you're choosing the venue for about 5 seconds. You'll hear a bell to let you know that it worked.

Get Rapper Fabulous

Just go to create a boxer and make first name GETFAB.

Fight Night: Round 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Tip For Later Rankings.

Okay for some of you all who haven't or don't play fighting games like boxing or others here is a big, but simple tip. Its easiest if you fight the rank that is just one above you. Example you are rank 49 instead of fighting rank 46 or 44 just fight rank 48 instead. As you get farther you will notice it is easier, because you didn't just skip across the game on easy mode just to fight somebody that is actually out of your league just, because his attributes are WAY higher than yours.

Easy Start

When playing CAREER CENTRAL and you're a pro, you can quick train or focus train, but before you do save your profile and if you don't get the points you wanted you can quit without saving. Then go to YOUR CORNER in menu mode and go to OPTIONS. Then go to PROFILE MANAGER, and press circle (or whatever button that unloads your profile). Then choose yes to unload the profile you were on. Then you can reload your profile and try training again.

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