Fight Night: Round 3 Cheats & Codes

Unlock All Arenas

In champ mode, enter your fighter's name as NEWVIEW to unlock all arenas.

Fight Night: Round 3 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Better Stats

To get better stats, every time you must first sign a contract for a fight. Then, chose to train aggressive. Then choose either balance, power, or speed. Then, continue. The game will show your boxer before, and his stats either going down or up. If they go up, fine. If they start to go down, press Home to return to the PSP's main screen. Go back into the game, and do the same thing again, looking for better stats. Note: The only reason this is useful is because the game loads fast.

Fight Night: Round 3 Unlockables & Awards

Unlock Bonus Stages

To unlock the bonus stages, you must win a career mode fight at Madison Square Garden or Staples Center.

Unlockable Boxing Styles

  • Bully Style : Beat Joe Frazier with Muhammed Ali
  • Hook Master Style : Beat Joe Frazier with Muhammed Ali
  • Judge Jab Style : Beat Muhammed Ali with Joe Frazier
  • Philly Shell Defense : Beat Jermaine Taylor with Bernard Hopkins
  • Sinister Cross Style : Beat Roy Jones Jr. with Bernard Hopkins/James Toney
  • Slickster Style : Beat James Toney with Roy Jones Jr.
  • Unlock Ko Rey Mo

    To unlock Ko Rey Mo, beat him in the light heavyweight division.

    Unlock Different Styles

    To unlock different fighting styles, you need to win matches in ESPN Classic fights mode or career mode.

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