Fighting Force 64 Cheats & Codes

Invincivility & More Bazooka Ammo

While on the start and options screen hold this buttons for about 10 to 15 seconds. L, Z, up C, down C. You should begin the game after a noise and you will be able to choose your stage and your player(s) should be invinsible except for bombs.

Fighting Force 64 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Extra Weapons In Car Park

After entering the gate in the car park, run to the left or right. You will see some bumpers that you can tear off and use.

Bazooka In The Bridge

In the bridge level, when the guys blow up the bus,search around and you will find a bazooka lying on the ground.

Easy Way To Hurt Enemies

When you find a soda machine, drink all three cans, then make sure that there is a guy in front of the machine.Then,destroy the machine,and a bar will pop out and kill the guy.(note:also works with the water fountains in the corridor)

Shotgun In First Level

Once you've destroyed the gate in the first level, run over to the black car and punch it until it is destroyed. Then run to the back and there should be a shotgun on the ground.

Hidden Weapons

The following objects may also be used as weapons: Totally destroy a car, then Smasher can pick up the engine and use it as a weapon. Destroy the airplane at the Airbase to use its gun. Destroy the two large black structures found in the Hovercraft level to get a flare gun. Destroy the police car in the Car Park level to get a rocket launcher.

Extra Money

Repeatedly roll against a wall until money appears.

Restorative Drinks

Destroy a pop machine to get about four cans of soda. Drink the soda to get the same effect as restorative foods.