Final Fantasy IV Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Defeat Mist Dragon.

To defeat Mist Dragon you must first level up Cecil and Kain to level 12 you will get a sure win.
When you completed that you will need to go to the cave of mist and fight the Mist Dragon. Here is what you need to do in each turn:
TURN ONE: use darkness with Cecil and jump with Kain.
when Kain finish with the jump move here is what are you are going to do:
THE OTHER TURNS: With Cecil you are going to use attack, except when the Mist Dragon turns into mist or she will use a power attack. And with Kain you will heal Cecil when his life runs low.
I recommend you buy 5 potions at Baron before battling the Mist Dragon.

The First Boss

Before you fight the first boss I recommend training to lvl 20 for both people rest at the nearest town when your hp runs low.