Final Fantasy Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Getting Advanced And Use The Levistone

If you want to advance to the next class, u will need to go to Citadel of Trials and speak to the magician inside the castle. Only then you can go to the next room and there would be a chair inside the room. sit on it and you will teleport to the 2nd floor. finish puzzle on the 2nd floor and go to the next floor. at the end of the 3rd floor, there would be a chest and a chair that look exactly like the one on the 1st floor. open the chest and you will get something that is a key item that you will to present to the dragon king. after that just sit on the chair and you will be back to the 1st floor. Note: you'll need a canoe to get there. now a lot of people have been asking, " i got the earth and fire crystals lite up and i have the levistone, but were do i go now?" this thing was a little tough, but i got the way. go to the port of the crescent lake and walk all the way down until you see a small looking desert. go in the desert and the 4 warriors of light will use the levistone to open the desert and the ground to get the airship. The airship is 4 times faster than walking and u can get across the sea with only this ship and u can land this ship on land, but theres a disadvantage, u cant land it on top of forest or land it in the sea or land it in any desert, so you will have to find an open field to land. And by using this ship, you can visit the dragon king to present the key item that you get from citadel of trials.

Final Fantasy Unlockables & Awards

Bonus Puzzle Game

Enter the ship, hold Circle and press X(55). Arrange the tiles in order from 1 to 15 to collect 100 Gold.

Art Galleries 60-76

Art Gallery 60-67: Complete the game.Art Gallery 68-75: Complete the game.Art Gallery 76: Complete the game twice, including 30 floors in Time Chamber and all of monsters in Bestiary.

Art Gallery 58 and 59.

Complete floors 11-20 in Time Chamber with unlock blue seal. For Art Gallery 59: Complete floors 21-30 in Time Chamber with unlock blue seal.

Art Gallery 01-56

Have all monsters in the Bestiary.

Art Gallery 57

Complete floors 1-10 in Time Chamber with unlock blue seal.


Complete the Labyrinth of Time. This options allows you to replay any completed floor from the Labyrinth of Time.

Music Player

Successfully complete the game. This option allows all songs from the game to be replayed.

Art Gallery

Successfully complete the game. This option allows all unlocked game art to be viewed.


Successfully complete the game. This option displays information all each type of monster that you have defeated.