Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions Cheats & Codes

Music Test Mode

If you change Ramza's name to PolkaPolka at the name entry screen you will unlock a special music test mode.

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Getting The Materia Blade

If you want to get the materia blade, you need to make a battle in mt bervinia but you need treasure hunter if you don't get it that would be a once in the game you ever get a chance to do so you get treasure hunter then you go and climb up to the mountain and once you get there you obtain materia blade so cloud can use his skills.

Easy Way To Beat Lionel Castle Gate

The easiest way to beat this place is to have Lady Agrias and Mustadio Archers, then have 2 black chocobos, then when the battle starts get Agrias and Mustadio on the wall, then have Ramza destroy the sword on Gaffgarion and don't open the gate and use the archers to kill the other archers and the summoner since none of them can attack you up there, then send Ramza and the chocobos out to kill the rest.

Easy Kill

When the princess is taken, strip Artemus of all of his gear, then you can upgrade your gear or sell it to make money.

Construct 8

After rescuing Reis from Gollund you will get a zodiac stone for whatever you put as your zodiac sign, after you have the stone go to Gouge and Mustadio and his father will have a sphere you put the zodiac stone in.

Cloud`s Materia Blade

Buy 2 Coral Swords and 4 Mage`s Staffs, then it will appear a Cloud`s Materia Blade by 10,000.

Lip-Rouge Item

To get the Lip-Rouge item which is good for increasing stats for female characters you need to have Agrias' guards from Chapter 1 (Lavian and Alicia) in your party in Chapter 4. When you then land on a City on Cancer I you will receive it as a birthday gift from Mustadio.

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions Unlockables & Awards

Unlock Character Cloud From Final Fantasy VII

After you return Reis to human form you will get the Zodiac Stone Cancer after you get the stone return to Gouge and once more Mustadio and his father will be there with a machine Ramza will put the stone up to the machine and Cloud will come out of nowhere, Cloud will run to Sal Ghidos go to Sal Ghidos and win the battle and Cloud will join your party.

Unlock Character Human Reis

After getting Construct 8 go to Zeltennia and read the rumors, then after you read the rumors if you haven't done this already go to Sal Ghidos and buy a flower, after you get the flower an Island should pop up on the map called the Nelveska Temple go to it and beat Construct 7 after you it Dragon Reis will walk into the temple and turn human.

Unlock Character Dragon Reis

Accompany Beowulf through Gollund; Dragon Reis is rescued after you finish the final battle in the series.

Unlock Character Beowulf

Go to Gollund and read the rumors, go to Lesalia and invite Beowulf to go with you to Gollund. When you get to Gollund and finish the final battle he will join your party.

Unlock Luso From Final Fantasy Tactics A2

To get the mischievous brown-haired Hero Luso from Final Fantasy Tactics A2 in your party you must go to the Zekalus Desert after the Orbonne Monastary battles in Chapter 3 and watch the FMV sequence. When you have seen the the entire sequence complete the battle and Luso will join your party.

Unlock Time Mage

Begin as a Level 3 Black Mage.

Unlock Orator

Begin as a Level 3 Mystic.

Unlock Samurai

Begin as a Level 2 Dragoon, Level 4 Knight, Level 5 Monk.

Unlock Archer

Start as a Level 2 Squire.

Unlock Arithmetician

Begin as a Level 4 Mystic, Level 4 Time Mage, Level 5 Black Mage, Level 5 White Mage.

Unlock Bard

Begin as a Level 5 Summoner or Level 5 Orator (Male only).

Unlock Black Mage

Begin as a Level 2 Chemist.

Unlock Dancer

Begin as a Level 5 Dragoon or Level 5 Geomancer (Female only).

Unlock Dark Knight

Reached Level 8 with Dragoon, Ninja, Goemancer and Samurai and mastered Knight and Black Mage. Also killed (crystallize) 20 units.

Unlock Dragoon

Begin as a Level 4 Thief.

Unlock Geomancer

Begin as a Level 4 Monk.

Unlock Knight

Begin as a Level 2 Squire.

Unlock Monk

Begin as a Level 3 Knight.

Unlock Mystic

Begin as a Level 3 White Mage.

Unlock Ninja

Begin as a Level 2 Geomancer, Level 4 Archer, Level 5 Thief.

Unlock Onion Knight

Begin as a Level 6 Squire, Level 6 Chemist.

Unlock Summoner

Begin as a Level 3 Time Mage.

Unlock Thief

Begin as a Level 3 Archer.

Unlock White Mage

Begin as a Level 2 Chemist.

Unlock Balthier From Final Fantasy XII

Go to 'The Mining Town of Gollund' when you reach Chapter 4 and read the 'Rash of Thefts' rumour at the tavern. Now go to 'The Merchant City of Dorter's' tavern and read the 'A call for Guards' rumor. When you now leave the town you'll find yourself in a battle alongside Balthier the Hume sky pirate. Win the battle and he'll join your party.