Final Fantasy V Advance Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Good Job Combo

(For this to work, you first have to take the Wind crystal shards and gain the "Job" function) First, set your character and Faris to be Knights. Next, set Lenna to a White Mage and move her to the back row for defense in the first levels. Finally, set Galuf to be a Monk. With these settings, Galuf has full attack power for a good chunk of the game and eventually will become a very valuable asset to boss battles due to his 2 hit combo attack. Lenna will be able to heal without getting hurt or KO'd as often. After a while, you will find the weapon, "Flail", equip lenna with this and she will also grow to be a sneaky attacker doing over 100 damage after a few levels. Her white magic level will also increase, allowing better healing spells to be used. Faris and your guy will be the "heavy hitters" of the group in the first few levels and will be used to protect hurt team members with the "Cover" ability. Well into the game, you will find the ancient sword, "Ashura", give this to your character and also give him the "Freelancer" job, because knights can't use this weapon, and give him all of the same abilities and equipment he had before for the best attack/defense. I have only reached the part with the Fire Powered Ship and I am currently fighting the Liquid Blaze boss, so a better combo may still come, but this is the best, earliest combo I have found.