Finding Nemo Cheats & Codes


Press the following buttons in order: Y, B(2), X(4), B, Y, X(3), B, X, Y, X(2), B, X(2), Y, X(4), Y.

Level Select

Press Y(3), B(2), X, B, Y, X, B, Y, B, Y, B, Y(3).

Finding Nemo Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Go The The Round Circles

If you are trying to catch up with the shark or Dorthie. Go through the round circles the y should make a noise if you pass. If you don`t got through it the computer gets farther from you. There will be ! these if you don`t have it your doing fine. If you have a green! thats a warning that your going to loose. If you have a yellow ! thats a catch up sign or you loose. If you have red! one more and you loose.

FMV Sequences

When you complete a level or are at the middle of a level, you will see an FMV sequence from the movie Finding Nemo.


The little blue krill will keep you from getting hurt. Collect as many as you can. The krill only protect you from things such as pufferfish and eels, but not from swift currents or mines.

Gold Starfish

Going though all the bubble rings, putting the colored pebbles in the correct colored holes, bouncing on all the things that bounce, winning the races, and destroying all enemies will earn you Gold Starfish towards bonus levels. Note: There are some timed levels and timed races; be as quick as possible.

Slide Puzzles

Whenever you are trying to solve a slide puzzle, its best to start from the top first. You can keep sliding and solving the puzzle from left or right as you work your way down from the top.

Puzzle Solution

During the Submarine level, there is a pipes puzzle you must go through. As soon as you get into the room with the puzzle, look at the back wall right behind the door to find the solution to the puzzle.

Avoiding Bruce

On the Submarine level, if you see an ''!'' over Dory's head, it indicates you should move or Bruce will catch you. When hes chasing you keep rotating the analog stick to keep away from him.

Keeping Up With Dory

To keep up with Dory, grab all the bubble rings.

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