Fire Blade Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

See Enemies Easily

You can also use the thermal scope during the day to clearly distinguish vehicles and soldiers.

Surprise Kill

Stay below a hilltop, hiding from enemies, rise up, fire a few rounds, then dip back down to avoid return fire.

Long Distance Shot

Use the sniper scope to zoom in on distant enemies, then shoot them with the unguided rockets or cannon even without a lock.

Saving Missiles

Shoot fuel barrels and other explosive objects that are next to targets with your cannon to get extra damage without using missiles. Save your guided missiles for other helicopters.

Easy Kills On Level 1

After you go threw stealth training and go back to the base it will be under attack. When you reach the front of the base enter stealth mode. Stun the tanks, half tracks, and jeeps, then shoot the men.

Sniper Rifle Range Mini-game

Successfully complete Campaign 1.

EMP Cannon Range Mini-game

Successfully complete Campaign 2.

Cow Bouncing Mini-game

Successfully complete Campaign 3.

Assassination Mini-game

Successfully complete Campaign 4.

Campaign 1 - Mission 3

To get to the landing zone easily go into stealth mode and infrared mode. Hit the two jeeps with the emp pulse at the first checkpoint. Fly over the mountain to the left but just as you get on the other side ther are 2 small bases (1 jeep-3 men-1 tent). Use the emp on the jeeps and then the silenced cannon on the men. Be careful not to alert the 4 jeeps at the second checpoint at the base of the mountain on th right. As you go over the mountain the landing site is in visual range.

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