Fish Tycoon 1.0 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Instant Grown Up Fish

When you get tired of waiting for the fish to grow just do the steps:
1. Feed them first, cause they might die of starvation.
2. Change your computer time ahead by 3-5 hours. (the bottom right clock)
3. Go to menu , then go back.
You can change back the time when done.
I got it from a reliable site so I'm sure it works.

How To Make A Rare Fish Called Canary Grouper

You will need a hornet bananafish, a pink stickfish, and a twin fin fatfish. first, breed the pink stickfish with the twin fin fatfish. it should be a spined fruitfish. next, breed the spined fruitfish with the hornet bananafish. and finally you may get a canary grouper.

How To Make A Greenfin Spotanus Baby. (magic Fish)

You will need a greenfin beta and a silky spotanus.
First, put the silky spotanus in isolation.
Then, put the green fin beta in isolation to.
The silky spotanus should be pregnant.
Next, wait for the impregnated fish to have the babies.
Last, make the baby grow to age 20, and hope its a greenfin spotanus.