FlatOut Cheats & Codes

A Critical Flyout

At the main menu where you type your name type: ragdoll (word disappears when entered) then press done to enter.

Extra Cash

Create a new profile with the name Give Cash.

Unlock Everything

In order to unlock everything make a new profile and name it GIVEALL. Once you do that start playing on it and everything will be unlocked. NOTE: It won't be unlocked on other profiles.

FlatOut Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Huge Crashes

Fully upgrade any car, then go to any demolition derby and drive on the outer rim of the track (the one that is slanted on the side). Then drive around and around until you hit another car. It may take awhile to do but when you hit the other car at full speed it should create a huge crash. NOTE: Don't do this too much because it hurts your car too.

Demolition Derby

During the first demolition derby go to the very side of the arena and you will see a slanted ramp. Get on the ramp and drive around it in circles. You will almost never get hit by another car,which gives you a much better chance of winning. You still have to fight the last car standing.

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