Flight Simulator X Cheats & Codes

Turn Off An Engine

To turn off an engine from an air craft do the following combination Ctrl+Shift+F1. For a longer flight, climb with a Cessna up to 5, 000Ft. And do the same thing. Ps: to climb faster press Y and then press F4 when your about 5, 000ft. Press y again (the last cheat only works on free flight).

Fuel Truck

While parked or sitting at the gate, press "SHIFT+F" for a fuel truck to come and refuel your aircraft.

Push Back Vehicle (TUG)

To call for a Push Back Vehicle aka TUG, to push you back from the gate, press "SHIFT+P" and your aircraft should start to move backwards. To stop the pushing, repeat the key combination.

Baggage And Extra Doors Open

to open the Baggage Doors, press " SHIFT+E+2". If settings are correct, once the baggage doors are open, the Baggage loaders and carts will move toward the aircraft. To open the Extra Doors, press "SHIFT+E+3" and all other doors on the aircraft should open. (Only works with the big airliners )

Jetways Move

To move the Jetway aka the Gate to your aircraft, make sure your aircraft is lined up on the yellow line, and then once stopped, press "CTRL+J" to move the Jetway towards the main exit of the aircraft. (It might take a minute or two for the Jetway to completely move into place )

Call For Tow Plane

While in one of the sail planes (without motor) press "CTRL+SHIFT+Y" and a tow plane will appear in front of you and drag your sail plane down the runway until the sail plane takes off.

Open Aircraft Doors

During gameplay, or when the plane is stopped, press shift+e.

Flight Simulator X Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

To Make The Plane Go Louder And Other

Pres h for the small plane the to go louder and press gm shift+f to make the man jump out.

Open Doors

Press shift e to open doors.

Smoke System

Press the "I" key.

Reach Altitude 70,000 And Higher

Go to simulation rate set it to 64x or fastest and get as low as you can to the ground when you reach a fast speed pull up and enjoy.


Use slew (Y) to move where ever you want to go without waiting to get to a certain altitude or airport!