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Infinite Health

During a game press x, x, up, square, triangle, x, x.

From Russia With Love Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

The Golden Gun

You'll see a box every once in a while and if your lucky there will be a golden gun in it. It only holds 6 bullets but kills with one shot nomatter what. Be careful though, some boxes may explode are get you exposed to radiation.

Unlock Ruins

Earn 25 Awards

Easy Way To Kill Red Grant

To defeat Red Grant make sure you have full life and armor. [If you don't just get killed and restart.] You must have the assult rifle and Krogan SMG. First lower his helth with magnum bullets. Then duck behind a wall and use the focus to hit him in the head. If that still doesn't work then use your pistol with special bullets. If you don't have any then ask yourself why you haven't been picking up any ammo boxes. NOTE: Don't use the bazoka. It barley does any damage and it takes to long to aim. You'll use up all your life.

White Tux

To get the white tux during the second mission search a file cabinet by Moneypenny's desk.

Russian Suit

Play the second Istanbul mission.

The Tunnels Mission

Earn 10 awards in singal player to unlock the Tunnels Mission.

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