Front Mission 4 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Health Vs. Speed

In this game you need alot of health, but you also need alot of speed to dodge bullets. The only problem with this is that they don't usually come together. So what are you to do? For the guys that are melee or have machine gun or shotgun go with high speed. Guys with rocket launcher or gernade launcher won't get hit very often so go with more health. Guys with a bazooa is up to you wich way you go because it doesn't relly matter.

Stick With What You Know

The characters in the game start out with having a preferance for certain weapons, stick with them. You may want to shitch to a different weapon type (e.g shotgun to bazooka) because it is more powerful, but you shouldn't. The characters are much more accuracte and deadly with their weapon type even if they are weaker weapons.

Easy AP

If you are in desperate need for AP before a big battle here is an easy way to do so. Just go to one of the first 2 simulations for either team. When in there just send out one guy probably the one who needs the most AP. Even of you kill just a few of the total number of enemies you will still get some AP. This is great because it doesn't take alot of time to do each mission.

Completion Bonus

Successfully complete the game, then save when prompted after the credits. Select that saved game from the main menu to play again with all the EPs and money from the previous game.

Secret Level In The Demo

After you have completed all the available missions in the demo, save your game (Make sure to do it after you complete the last mission). Then, load that save up and go to the mission list. Make sure the first mission is selected and press Up and X. You will then be taken to the Wanzer Shop, and, once done, will start the secret bonus level in the Demo.

End Game Save - New Game Plus

Successfully complete the game first. Then after the Credits, the game will take you to the Save/Load/Exit menu, select Save. On the main menu, select Load and load the end game save, you'll be starting the game from the beginning but you keep the money and the characters' EPs from the previous game, everything else will be reset.