Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Mole Death Match

Go to the world quack centers and go to the entrance were the pool is through a room full of offices and near the entrance behind you in front of the door there will be a computer and it will have a rizarrs creation symbol and shoot it until it blows up and you will see Cheat discovered.

Dynamite Room Help

In Beaver Power there's a room of explosives that if you shoot in at, you die. Plus there are alligators, so you surely will die. But there's an easy way to do it. Attract the gators one by one to the entrance, where there are no explosives, then kill 'em. (It's best to move backwards rather than turn around)

Time Slice Camera

Complete the basketball mini game at the Lower East Quack level. If you want to use it, just press Start.

Tiny Character Cheat

In the games room section of DINOTOPOLIS, go past the jukebox and climb the stacked books. If you look around, you should see an arcade machine behind you. Transform into Tweek and go over to the machine. There are two buttons on the game.... start and fire. Jump on the start button. Win one round of this sub game to activate theTINY CHARACTER cheat.

Hidden Flea Area

On the Lower East Quack level, travel beyond the area where you catch a ride on the subway train. Go to the end where you see a brown fence and a little hole near the lower left side. When you are there, turn left to see a Chang transport. Once you are on Chang go though the hole, and on to the boxes. Chang will start scratching himself all over. You will then be transported on his back as a flea with a heavy-machine gun.

Extra 2 Player Level

In one player mode in New Quack City go into the two big buildings. In there is a room with a duck that won't let you in. Push the model building in through the place were the duck is. Behind the duck are a bunch of computers. A computer with a bigger screen then the others you can shoot. You will know you can shoot it because your aiming thing will turn red. Go under cheats at the main menu to turn on the level.

Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge Unlockables & Awards

Blood Cheat

In fur fighter village there will be rabbits. Kill all the rabbits and you will see a Cheat Discovered. Go to the main menu and go to cheats and you will see blood on/off.