Gadget Racers Cheats & Codes

Game Shark Codes

Master Code (Must Be On) EC878264 143C6FFC 
Infinite Money 1CB65538 17E9C70C 
All O Licenses 4CA3AC70 1456E7A6
4CA3ACB0 1456E7A6
4CA3ACF0 1456E7A6
4CA3AF30 1456E7A6
4CA3AF70 1456E7A6
4CA3AFB0 1456E7A6
4CA3AFF0 1456E7A6
4CA3AE30 1456E7A6
4CA3AE70 1456E7A6
4CA3AEB0 1456E7A6 
All P Licenses 4CA3AEF0 1456E7A6
4CA3B130 1456E7A6
4CA3B170 1456E7A6
4CA3B1B0 1456E7A6
4CA3B1F0 1456E7A6
4CA3B030 1456E7A6
4CA3B070 1456E7A6
4CA3B0B0 1456E7A6
4CA3B0F0 1456E7A6
4CA3B330 1456E7A6 
All Q Licenses 4CA3B370 1456E7A6
4CA3B3B0 1456E7A6
4CA3B3F0 1456E7A6
4CA3B230 1456E7A6
4CA3B270 1456E7A6
4CA3B2B0 1456E7A6
4CA3B2F0 1456E7A6
4CA3B530 1456E7A6
4CA3B570 1456E7A6
4CA3B5B0 1456E7A6 

Gadget Racers Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


If you brake while you are bouncing, you will stop bouncing faster, but may lose your stability momentarily.

Faster Time

While you are flying and your wings are about to retract, pause game play. The wings will retract while the game is paused, giving you a quicker landing and possibly a faster time.

Get The Chicken Leg!!!

Yes folks hidden in this game is a chicken leg. Once you win the ability to run the "Super Chicken" race (Listed under Body Design races) you have 2 options. Option one, win the race by getting to the end of the course, without falling off. That's good for 300G and a new car. After you have done that, go back, strap a set of wings to your car, and go over the edge, you will start to glide, and in the distance you will see an island, on the island is a treasure chest. Hit it with your car, and you will get a car in your line up, that is a leg of chicken on a plate. The chicken leg is good for any courses that require floating. Good Luck, and have fun.

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