Ghostbusters Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Beat The Architect

Okay, so this is what you can use to beat him:
1:stasis stream-freeze the stones that make the shield.
2:boson darts-damage the stone head.
3:blast stream-use this weapon to guide the boson darts and to pull parts of the head off.
4:slime blower mark 2-use this to take the black slime off the head.
5:shock blast-use this to hurt the architect

and don't forget to scan him. Those are the ONLY things you can use.

Get Past The First Thing When At 76% Done

Okay, the only two things you need to do are:
Step 1: match all the skeletons with the skeleton that dances the same way
Step 2: break the stone that is on the left when you look at the stones from the tree.

Slime Bomb

Once you get the slimmer, press L2 and you can make a slime bomb when enemies covered in black slime are all over you.

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