Ghosthunter Cheats & Codes

Laz Is Invincible

Hold Right and L3 for 5 seconds and press Triangle

Increase Damage

Hold Right and L3 for 5 seconds and press Circle.

Ghosthunter Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Best Weapons

The glock pistol and shotgun do extra damage when hitting a ghost that has the capture grenade inside it, allowing much quicker captures.

Acquire Shotgun Early

Take a look in the back of Lazarus's car on the way through the haunted school to get the shotgun early.

Locate Health/Ammo

Explore to find bonus pickups such as health and ammo, most of these are not far from the beaten track.

Stay Focused On Enemy

Stay in hunting mode for the duration of a battle. Even though your movement is slower, you can stay focused on the enemies and sideways strafing should always be fast enough to dodge attacks if they are timed correctly.