Gladius Cheats & Codes

Camera Control

During combat, pause the game and enter: Up, Left, Down, Right, Left(4), Up(4).

No-Limit Equipment

Pause the game in the school menu, then enter: Right, Down, Left, Up, Left(4), Triangle(3).

Gain 1000 Exp Points And $1000

Go to your school. Pause the game and enter: Right, Down, Left, Up, Left x4, triangle, right. You can enter this code as many times as you would like. If you mess up while entering code you will have to unpause and pause it agiain. You can also gain 1000 gold points by entering the same code but changing the last right to a left.

Double Battle Speed

During combat, pause the game and enter Right, Up, Left, Down, Left, Left, Left, Left, Down, Up.

Want even more Gladius Cheats?

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