Gladius Cheats & Codes

1000 Dinars (Gold)

While paused in the school press: Right, Down, Left, Up, Left(4), Y, Left.

Higher Level Enemies

At the league office press: Right(3), Up(2), Left(4), Right, Up(4), Down.

+ 100 Exp

Pause game at 'school menu' or 'Gladiators' and type in Right, Down, Left, Up, Left(x4), Y, Right. A sound will conferm correct entry.

Remove The Equipment Limitations

Pause the game in orin's school then press Right, D, Down, Left, Up, Left, Left, Left, Left, Y, Y, Y. Now all the characters have a choice of all buyable objects.

Lower Level Enemies

Pause gameplay in league office and press Right(3), Up(2), Left(4), Right, Down(4), Up.

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