God Hand Unlockables & Awards

Jukebox C

Complete the game on (any difficulty) with the "Kick Me" sign on the entire game without us.

Chuhuahua Race

Clear stage 2 to unlock the chihuahua race.

Jukebox D

Complete the game on Hard Mode to unlock it.

Fighting Ring Challenges

Clear stage 1

Fighting Ring Battle 41-50

You must complete the game once.

Hard Mode

Finish the game on normal mode once.


Beat the game once for Karate, Carnival, and Devil Hand costumes.

Fighting Ring Challenges

Finish each stage for fighting challenges 1 to 40.

Unlock Tv, Radio, Jukebox

Clear the challenges 1 to 50 and then defeat challenge 51. That challenge has an enemy with 120,000 HP (takes eight Shaolin Blasts to take down). Once that is cleared, a television is installed in the shop to view the various trailers.

Jukebox A

Complete the game in any difficulty once and it will appear at the shop.

Jukebox B

Go to the casino for jackpot pulls, get a ticket to redeem the Jukebox cd.