GoldenEye: Rogue Agent Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Golden Gun

After you open the decoy case looking for the sniper rifle, duck down, go to the right and then the left looking for the invisible opening, once you go through you should then find a cow, its brand says jp (i don't know what that means) then look around and you will find the golden gun you can exit the same way you entered (this cheat only works for wii).

GoldenEye: Rogue Agent Unlockables & Awards

Unlockables: Skins, Weapons, Modes, Powers

Goldeneye Skin  	Beat Easy Campaign
OddJob Skin 	Beat Hard Campaign Mission 1
Pussy Galore Skin 	Beat Virtual Training 4 on Normal Difficulty
Auric Goldfinger Skin 	Beat Hard Campaign Mission 2
Francisco Scaramanga Skin 	Beat Virtual Training 1 on Normal Campaign
Xenia Onatopp Skin 	Beat Mission 4 on Normal Campaign
Dr. No Skin 	Beat Mission 5 on Hard Campaign
Venom 200mL  	Beat Auric Enterprises on normal difficulty
Golden Gun 	Beat Virtual Training 1 in Hard Campaign
MK2 Detonator 	Beat Virtual Training 2 in Hard Campaign
Omen XR 	Beat Mission 6 on Hard Campaign
Goblin mine 	Beat Hong Kong on Hard Mode
MRI Vision Only Mode  	Beat Mission One on Normal Diffulculty
Goldeneye Mode 	Beat Virtual Training 6 on Normal Campaign
MRI Vision  	Beat Campaign Mission One
EM Hack 	Beat VT Mission One
Polarity Shield 	Beat VT Mission Three
Magnetic Field 	Beat VT Mission Five

Multi-player Levels

Funhouse  	Virtual Training 1
Atlantis 	Virtual Training 2
Moonraker 	Virtual Training 3
Goldengate 	Virtual Training 4
Uplink 	Virtual Training 5
Carver's Press 	Virtual Training 6
Bore Tunnel 	Beat Hard Campaign Mission 1
Bath House 	Beat Hong Kong on Hard mode
Mining Pit 	Get All the Rogue Bonuses on one Campaign File

You Only Live Once Mode

Complete all of Campaign Mode on hard difficulty to unlock YOLO mode.

Unlockables for Virtual Missions

Hack ability  	Beat Virtual Mission One
Virtual Mission Two 	Beat Virtual Mission One
Atlantis Stage 	Beat Virtual Mission Two
Virtual Training 4 	Beat Virtual Training Three
Moonraker Stage 	Beat Virtual Training Three
Polarity Shield 	Beat Virtual Training Three
Golden Gate Stage 	Beat Virtual Training Four
Virtual Training 6 	Beat Virtual Training 5
Uplink Stage 	Beat Virtual Training 5
Carver's Press Stage 	Beat Virtual Training 6

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