Grand Prix Challenge Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


Trailing behind other vehicles slipstreams creates a high-speed vacuum which reduces fuel use and can increase speed by 5 mph.

Wet Weather

The tires you use on your vehicle will be severely affected by the weather. Always use rain tires on a wet track to increase traction.


Try using the natural momentum of the vehicle when taking tight corners as you may avoid sending the car into a spin or flip by accelerating or breaking.

Rumble Strips

Avoid rumble strips in wet weather as they become slick as water beads on the paint.


Approach corners from the outside of the turn and apply breaks before entering. Steer to the apex of the corner which is located midway in the turn and then drift back to the outside when exiting to the straightaway. The apex on J turns are about two thirds of the way into the turn.


Attempt to do all your breaking in a straight line to avoid uncontrollable sliding, spinning or flipping. Fuel loads will influence breaking. Vehicles with less fuel will be lighter and require less breaking distance. Higher horsepower vehicles will require a longer breaking distances. Braking distance will also be influences by the condition of your tire, the more wear, the longer the breaking distance.

Unlock Last Level

Win the Championship mode to unlock the "Ace AI" difficulty setting which is the fourth and final level.