Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Cheats & Codes

Extra Health And Armor

All you have to press is L, L, R, A, A, B, B, R.

Weapon Set 3

Press R, Up, Y, Down, Left, R, Y, Right.

Weapon Set 2

Press R, Up, A, Down, Left, R, A, Right.

Hurricane Weather

Press Up, Down, Left, Right, B, Y, R, L.

Extra Sunny Weather

Press Up, Down, Left, Right, B, X, L, R.

Explosive Desert Eagle Bullets

Press L, R, X, Y, A, B, Up, Down.

Decrease Wanted Level

Press R, X, X, Y, Y, R, L, L. This cheat will lower one star each time it is entered.

Extra Armor

Press L, L, R, B, B, A, A, R.

Weapon Set 1

Press R, Up, B, Down, Left, R, B, Right.

Increase Wanted Level

Press L, L, R, Y, Y, X, X, R. This cheat will add one star each time it is entered.

Foggy Weather

Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Y, B, R, L.

Sunny Weather

Press Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B, L, R.


L, L, R, A, B.

Rainy Weather

Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Y, A, L, R.

Weapon Set 4

Press R, Up, X, Down, Left, R, X, Right.

How To Do A Wheelie

Hold y and b and you will see smoke as soon as you let go press down.

Repair Your Vehicle

L, L, R, A, A, B, B, R.

Thunder and Heavy Rain

Press Up, Down, Left, Right, A, X, R, L.

Cloudy Weather

Press Up, Down, Left, Right, X, Y, L, R.

Extra Health

Press L, L, R, A, A, B, B, R.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Free 500-XLR8 And Cityscape

When you go to the airport, go to the parking lot keep on going circles around it and you will see a 500-XLR8 and a Cityscape in the parking lot.

To Go Through A Toll Without Paying

Get a police car. Go to the toll. You could speed through it or drive through it. You will save $5.

Avoid Tolls

Drive towards the toll gate at high speeds a bail at the last moment. Your car should just roll past. Get back into the car. You just saved $5!

How To Find Street Race Mission

There are one pay n spray mission that had street race. One is Transfender Invitational located at west minster and the second one is HI-way tire tourney located at beechwood city. (NOTE: HI-way tire tourney isn't pay n spray mission) Each pay n spray mission have three mission in it, select the race mission, after that try to find a fast car to start a race. There are one fast car and motorcycle each place.

How To Steal The Ammu Nation Van

If you were trying to steal the ammu nation van but it lock try this, there two way to steal it one is crash the van or use the explosive desert eagle cheats to shoot (NOTE: you only shoot one time if you have the explosive desert eagle cheats. ).

Infinite Sprint

Complete all five Paramedic Mission levels.

How To Do A Burnout

During a gameplay, try to find a car and get in. First hold Y and B and let it go. After let it go, you will see a fire on the road. (NOTE: you could try this with crash people in it. ).

How To Find A Tank

Go to Francis Intl Airport. Go to the right end of there. Go to the first building northwest. You will find a rhino.

How To Find Stuff At The Garbage

If you can't find something at the garbage try this, find a green or red big dumpster you can find weapons, money, food, and grenades.

Under Water Smiley Face

From the northwood safe house closest to the docks hop into the boat and drive forward away from the docks for about ten seconds then look under water and you will see a smiley face! note:look closely I didn't see it the first time but then every thing became clear!

Don't Waste Your Money On Cars

If you go to the car shop and buy a car you will have to buy the car again if you lose it. The best thing to do is to steal a car or hot-wire a car.

Upgraded Body Armor

Complete all five Vigilante Mission levels with a 100% kill rate.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Unlockables & Awards

Unlockable Cars

  • Hearse Complete the mission "Wheelman"
  • NRG 900 Complete the mission "Wheelman"
  • Patriot Complete the mission "Wheelman"
  • Limo Complete all of Guy's missions
  • Bulldozer Complete the mission "Conterfeit Gangster"
  • Cognoscetti Complete the mission "Grave Situation"
  • Sabre GT Complete the mission "Operation Northwood"
  • Coquette Complete the mission "Raw Deal"
  • Banshee Complete the mission "Weapons of Mass Destruction"
  • Hellenbach Complete the mission "Bomb Disposal"
  • Comet Complete the mission "Jackin Chan"
  • Infernus Complete the mission "Cash & Burn"
  • Resolution X Complete the mission "Pimp His Ride"
  • MK GT9 Get a bronze medal in all Broker and Dukes races
  • 500 XLR8 Get a bronze medal in all Algonquin races
  • Style SR Get a bronze medal in all Bohan races
  • Cityscape Get a bronze medal in all time trials
  • Go-Kart Get a bronze medal in all Go-Kart time trials
  • Formula R Get a bronze medal in all street races
  • Rhino Complete all story missions
  • Rhino

    Complete all story missions.

    Increased Body Armor

    Complete 5 vigilante wares with a 100% kill rate.

    Bullet Proof Taxis

    Complete 15 taxi fares in a row in the same taxi.

    Jeweled Bong

    Deal 30+ weed.

    Apartment Trophies

    To unlock the following trophies at your apartment, complete each task: Diamond Pillbox: Sell hallucinogens. Golden Binoculars: Discover 40 drug dealers. Jeweled Bong: Sell depressants. Platinum Syringe: Purchase heroin. Silver Safe: Gain $2,000 Wooden Spoon: Lose $500.


  • Increased body armor strength Complete all 5 waves of vigilante missions with 100% kill rate
  • Infinite Sprint Complete 5 Paramedic Missions
  • Immunity to Fire Get a Gold in the Fire truck Minigame
  • Gold medal Attain a score of 10000 or more for a weapon.
  • Upgraded delivery bag Beat both mail courier missions (to gold ranking)
  • Regenerating health Beat both noodle delivery missions (to gold ranking)
  • Discount on the Ammu-nation store Score gold medals on all weapons at the Gun-Club
  • Marathon Complete 5 Waves of Paramedic Missions with a 100% Life Save Rate
  • Trophies

  • Wooden Spoon Achieve a loss of $500
  • Platinum Syringe Purchase Heroin
  • Silver Safe Make a $2000 profit
  • Jeweled Bong Unlock By Selling Depressants
  • Diamond Pillbox Unlock By Selling hallucinogens
  • Golden Binoculars Discovering 40 drug dealers
  • Jeweled Key to the City Own all 21 safe houses in the city
  • Titanium Briefcase Find all 80 dealers.
  • Titanuim Briefcase

    Find all 80 dealers.

    Discount On The Ammu-nation Store

    Score gold medals on all weapons at the gun club.


    Complete all of guy's missions.

    Silver Safe

    Make a $2, 000 profit selling drugs.

    Wooden Spoon

    Eat a loss of $500 selling drugs.

    Diamond Pill Box

    Deal 30+ downers.

    Golden Binoculars

    Find 40 drug dealers.

    Platium Syrige

    Purchase 5+ heroin.

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