Grand Theft Auto III Cheats & Codes

Android Cheat Codes (From PC Version)

  • anicesetofwheels : Invisible Cars
  • bangbangbang : Destroy all cars
  • boooooring : Speed up Gameplay
  • chittycittybb : Flying vehicle
  • cornerslikemad : Better vehicle handling
  • gesundheit : 100% Health
  • giveusatank : Spawn Vehicles (Keep using for different vehicles)
  • gunsgunsguns : Get All Weapons (Keep using to add ammo)
  • ifiwerearichman : More Money (Keep using for more cash)
  • ilikedressingup : Change Outfit
  • ilikescotland : Cloudy Weather
  • ilovescotland : Rainy Weather
  • itsallgoingmaaad : Insane Pedstrians
  • madweather : Super-speedy Game Clock
  • morepoliceplease : Higher Wanted Level
  • nastylimbscheat : Crank Up Gore
  • nobodylikesme : Pedestrians Attack
  • nopoliceplease : Lower Wanted Level
  • peasoup : Foggy Weather
  • skincancerforme : Clear Weather
  • timeflieswhenyou : Clock Moves Faster
  • weaponsforall : Pedtrians Fight One Another
  • Tortoise : 100% Armor
  • Entering Cheat Codes

    The developer (Rockstar) said that the android version of GTAIII doesn't support cheats. BUT, it actually does have all the cheats built in from the PC version. The trick is that it requires a keyboard to type them in. On an Android tablet that has a detachable keyboard available, you can simply type the codes easily. But with phone its not so easy. This works on some phones, but it may not work on all. You can try holding down the MENU button on your phone for the keyboard to popup allowing you entry of the codes. All codes can be typed either in the pause menu or in-game. If you can add a bluetooth keyboard, you can try that too. Then just enter the normal PC codes.

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